New Life

Oh! you got a new life?
A new wife?
A new goal
A new soul?
Those paths weren’t paved
in gold?
You don’t say?
That’s the shame.
We take what we give til
they ain’t shit, Then
we move in silence
plotting the
any excuse. its
life.. Hurry
we ain’t got time
to waste.
You taste? Bitter
sweet. Life get off of me.
I’m seeking the glory of
The valley in between
your breast.. Life
at its best


There is tender summary to report
In our coming closing.

All our products will sink
To all your devices

After a synchronized fashion
Telling us how well you are

To fit into our game plan
For crashing developments.

Refreshments follow the plying opportunity.
Any adjustments to be made continue.

He didn’t know how to tell her
He no longer cared.


And the dark is full.  One green, gold

Streetlight.  The dog somewhere outside across the street

Gives a conversational bark satisfied he is outside home.

Insects commiserate with each other over tales

We will never know.  A couple of voices

Pass by in quiet repose.


Cars languidly slide by receding

Into the impermanence of silence briefly held.

Sprinklers whisper a verse

I long to remember.


Ragged choruses dance in the dew.

Hills climb toward clouds.

We close our eyes to see what is not.

Not that the parallel life

Is stillness fulfilled, glinting

Charm or travesty evaded, no


All the cleansing is gathering fate

To its breast, marching to drums

We only hear as they grow near.






I Aim To Be The Phoenix

I aim to be the Phoenix
who rises from
the red, burnt ash
blacken stones
are the damages
of my life
that I let defeat me

I aim to be the Phoenix
who rises above
my negative inner self
negative outer voices
that I let
drag and beat me down

I aim to be the Phoenix
who rises and soars
high up to the golden white sun
to spread my wings and fly
like the Phoenix’s
glistening wings of clouds

Up there I will be healed

Up there I will be happy

Up there I will be free

©copyright 9 June 2015 Catherine Anne Hayes

Anna and Chocolate

With impish twinkle
in her eyes
her hands lusciously
lift the lid
The tantalizing
aroma whiffs up
and she sighs
with anticipatory pleasure
Her cheshire smile
Thumb and index itch
to delve into
the box of
chocolate delight
Choice made
she lifts it to her
waiting lips
the tempting morsel
on her
foretasting tongue
Her eyes close
she sighs
She smiles
as each delectable
chocolate note
and melts
into her

Slowly her eyes open
She gazes around
and says
“…and that is the way to enjoy your chocolate!!”

God Bless and God Speed to you dear Anna Berger. Thank you for the gift of your love. You will always be a light in our lives. xxxooo

©copyright 21 October 2014 Catherine Anne Hayes

Shooting Star

In one breath
Slipping into silence
The end
The beginning
of a new
wondrous journey
He rises up
leaving behind what is corporeal
Joins the Light
Becomes one
with the Light
and soars straight
to the heavens

Take comfort and look up
See him there
shooting amongst the stars

And remember
His love
is with you

©copyright 17 September 2014 Catherine Anne Hayes