In The Dark

Kiss me in the dark
Your fingers your eyes
guided your lips to mine
and you touched them
opened them
to find my treasure within
my waiting tongue
to dance with yours
oh my sweet
kiss me deeply
run your fingers through my hair
down my back
to my front to
my breasts
and grasp them..,
mold them in your hands
make them your own…
yes my sweet, your own…
in the dark
sweet velvet dark…
take me
push me down
open me up further
and with yourself
plunder and take deeply
what is there for you
to discover and claim..
Leave your mark inside of me…
Yes my sweet
take me in the dark…
take me in your dreams

Copyright Catherine Anne Hayes © 2006

Published by catherine anne hayes

Hello....I am a woman who loves life. I am an actress/singer who a few years ago discovered a passion for writing poetry and short stories. I enjoy being in the moment while preparing for the future. I love to explore my horizons.

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