Shades drawn….little filters of light making their
way in between the slots…dust motes dancing
in the light…the sweet, lulling sound of a
nocturne fills the room…
I sit here leaning against the pillows…my
head resting against the board…I pick up the
rose and sniff it’s lush
fragrance… then stroke my cheek and
sigh…a sigh of pure contentment…I
turn to look…I place my hand with the rose in
the space that you had just occupied not ten minutes
ago…still warm from your body’s
heat…I turn my face to the pillow still
fragrant with your scent…the scent that
lingers on my skin…I breath in…I
smile the age old smile of woman sated, fulfilled
by her lovers touch…I move into your space
to get a more intimate connection…my body
stretches and opens in invitation as if you were still
here…a rush of sensation bolts through me as I
recall your welcomed invasion of my body……your
fingers working their magic in my core to allow
entrance with ease…your lips trailing feathery
kisses on my neck, my cheeks and then my mouth which
opens to accept your honeyed plunder.
My angel…return to me…come back into my
arms…back into our world that we have
created just for you and I alone…steal with
me a few more moments of treasured bliss before we
have to part till God knows when…

Copyright Catherine Anne Hayes © 2005

Published by catherine anne hayes

Hello....I am a woman who loves life. I am an actress/singer who a few years ago discovered a passion for writing poetry and short stories. I enjoy being in the moment while preparing for the future. I love to explore my horizons.

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