To Be In Moonlight

Warm steamy day moves into evening.
The sun takes it’s final bow as
One by one the stars comeout
twinkling like little fairy lights.
I stand here outside catching
what little breeze there is…
suddenly a cloud drifts by and reveals the moon…
its pearl like glow washing over everything into a
silver white
shimmer like the richest nacre.
Sigh…I love the moonlight…its
softness…turning everything
to spun silver…even my body…I have let my
nightdress drift
to my knees…down to pool at my feet…
lifting my arms to invite the moon to embrace
me…caress me..
become one with me…
A nightingale sings its nightly song of
seduction….the owls hoots…
the crickets add in their rythmns…
I listen and smile.
I step out of the pool my nightdress has made and
begin with hips to sway in tune with the music of
the night…dance with the moon…sing my song…..
Can you hear me on the night wind my love? My own
melodies swirling around you…beckoning you to join
me in my song…which will be our song…
Can you see me…feel me dancing around you in the
moonlight…my body almost as silver white as the
moon…my eyes sparkling like the stars? I would
your moon that would spin around your
in your orbit…
So my love I will kiss you with this magical
moonlight.. ….to wish you sweet dreams till our
souls can meet and be as one….

Copyright Catherine Anne Hayes © 2005

Published by catherine anne hayes

Hello....I am a woman who loves life. I am an actress/singer who a few years ago discovered a passion for writing poetry and short stories. I enjoy being in the moment while preparing for the future. I love to explore my horizons.

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