The Illusion of Stillness

1. The vertical and the horizontal extend out
to plain forever. The trees are dripping
leavings over unknown lives.
Collateral outfits crowd the gutters.
Last night’s bar bottles glisten in the street.

Coarse recourse & cheap sh*t talk
scatters the mom & pop grocery dirge.
We’re smoking & looking for options,
glassy-eyed, sun-blind, off course again.
Still pumping the stuff, waiting for enough.

2. Columns wake morning light stays
aspiring delivers sight caught rays
engulfs drains rashers part senses
glow listing strains fringe fences

as throws tilt amidst carnage doze
slows leeward bulks turns frees silt
raining, gathering, ameliorates lilt
sums, as the quiet after morning storm hums

Published by William Cowan

I'm from the East Coast, have lived in SoCal and now Northern California for some years. I've been writing quite awhile, published in 1992 in a literary quarterly: "Suspicious Humanist," vol. 2, #2, (20 pages.) Best job: fm on air personality on a now defunct station, "Evening Eclectic" music show, and a weekly poetry reading show. I played jazz and free/improv I enjoyed. Read Wallace Stevens, John Ashbery, Kenneth Koch, etc. and commented on the poems. I have read once at a local coffee house. Love the Bay Area, wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I am going to appear in an east coast anthology of best new poets of 2010 by the end of the year, published in Pennsylvania. I'm reading once a month at a brewpub in Marin with a group of fellow poets. We read to each other our work, and personal favorite poems of authors we enjoy. It is a pleasure to share with a community of fellow enthusiasts.

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