Flesh of my Flesh

My imagination one would say yet my dream almost reality I did not seize!
As the anticipated month nears and flowers blossom
Emptiness invades me to know that in my arms I shall carry you not, nor shall I smile at neither sunrise nor sunset.

Be strong, your momma says unto I…
Be strong, I say to her.

Not ready? A fool? Selfish? I don’t know…
With us I want you back, a definite plea to the skies
my voice I elevate…

In the eyes of your momma I drawn and hope to see you.
In my dreams, I wish I could stay and have you next to me;
And hear you cry, laugh, talk…and tickle our hearts as we
would proudly look at our daughter…and whisper sweet
words to your ears…

With tears in my eyes, my heart boiling in mixed feelings,
Sweetie, mummy loves you, daddy loves you…

I know I should have been the one to help you get to sleep
But here I am asking you to come on down and consol our hearts
Please come back…
With our arms and heart…we are waiting…

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