Magnify my deepest lie and uncover what I’ve kept inside
Break through the thickest strides, the toughest barriers, the roughest rides
And hidden beneath the moon, farthest away from the sun
Lies the cobweb infested truth that I once thought was dead and passed overdone
Unlocked and unleashed, destined to repeat
Controlling the moves of both my mind and my feet
I’m weak
Weakened to the touch only one can provide
Invisible tears he fails to see yet they pour from my eyes
Silently I scream, afraid I might hear myself even once
Place the zipper back on my heart, its been accustomed to days, weeks, months…

Published by nyte

Born onto an African family, Nyte, a Harlem girl, has grown up all too fast and has had to be the mother, sister, and daughter of an abrupt household. Allowing both her pain and joy to leak through written word, she finds great relief in this mental and emotional form ventilation. "I'm not looking for credit or applause, I'm simply looking to get acknowledged for once. I'm tired of being held last and being brushed aside because I was too afraid to speak up. I just want to be heard, seen, listened to, understood, acknowledged because I do exist."

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