Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle

Today I imagine myself at peace.
Find a f*ck-buddy tonight.
Update your credit.
Outbid: notice.
Re: Flickr acct.
Planning for retirement?
Take a holistic approach.
Be a class act.
Become a teacher.
Sneaker research: survey.
Om I mean OMG someone has a crush on you!
You’ve been pre-approved!
Win a trip to Las Vegas strip.
Could you imagine me in Vegas?
F*ck, buddy not tonight.
I’m in debt.
Notice the flicker of life before retirement.
Make a mind-body connection along the way.
Connect with some people.
Participate. Voice your opinion. Put yourself out there.
Say No to GMO’s in your Food! Say Yes to NGO’s they’re good!

Published by Lia Yaranon Hall

My name is Lalla. I was a 14th century poet in Kashmir and worshipped Lord Siva. I died and fell from an evergreen tree in the Pacific Northwest (47° 36? 36? N, 122° 19? 48? W). My Lolo found me in an ivy patch. I spent most of my formative years on the coast of the South China Sea spearing fish until I became a "vegetarian" (but we didn't call ourselves that in those days). Shortly after vowing ahimsa, I moved to New York, unironically, under the guise of "poet" so that I could perform aerial stunts and acrobatics for an underground circus called the.

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