Sights Of A Scholar

Doing all that I can with the things I’m provided.
They say happiness is free, but I cant really find it.
and If you look hard at the things you believe,
you’ll find disappointment lures around
Every single believe.
In a world where’s there’s peace
There’s a prayer for destruction.
Will let of every bomb that we have,
Till where left here with nothing.
In soon time will revisit,
The mistakes of our past.
Everyone sees it coming,
But wont let of the gas.
In this crash.
Goes humanity,
Millenniums at a haul,
Till the next animal decides to make its way towards the shore.
And as that creature evolves,
And society forms
Will be the ancient mystery’s
There history books are based on.

Published by Rolando Rosario

I'm Rolando, I also go by the poet name SkyBlack some of my work is available for viewing in the Penman lounge. FreestyleVision has given me an opportunity to express myself more, outside of the poetry. This Biography is difficult to write, I’m content on writing about almost anything but when it comes to myself I sometimes draw blanks. I’ll start of by telling my origins. I’m from New York (the best city known to man) and I still reside there today. I love music, art and of course writing. I’m a big horror film fanatic and even though this is so, my favorite movie right now is Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street. Not a true horror film, more like a gory musical, but one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while. A true classic. I just saw this movie for the first time like two weeks ago and already watched it like eight times. But besides all that I’m just a average guy writing my thoughts and hoping the world enjoys what my mind concocts.

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