where do lovers go when there is no longer a lane
drive-thru affections
from someone only able to promise burger and fries
but no shake
a side view window of time wasted
with someone unable to see over the steering wheel
no need to check the rear
i’m fine sitting here
content with your one station
a finger-poppin’ loveliness pours out
making me forget that i am with you

Published by Shon Lomax

Wordsmith, spitter of verse,vowel breaker, screenwriter always, reluctant poet most of the time. The list deserves a list. A delicious vagabond currently piping out hot dreams from a beach with no sand. Pocketing as many stories as my britches will allow. Shadow dancing with long-armed monkeys hoarding all of the bananas. Daydream believer. Just don't call me Davey Jones.

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