Queen Without A King

She’s always talking about everyone else
She’s a little too prefect too good for herself
Her life is a palace she knows everything
And I know that’s why I’m not her king

She’s a queen she’s searching
She’s a queen without a king

She lives a queen’s life with who she’ll choose
Just when she’s winning that once more to loose
She’ll dream of another, she’ll fantasize
For someone to be there and dry her eyes

(When she cries)

She’s a queen she’s waiting
She’s a queen without a king

Copyright Rich Love © 2008

Published by Rich Love

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  1. this is truely deep to the the point were i had to have to read it two times just to make what u was reading exploed great job Man

  2. Wow! Thanks Mark.

    Tonight was the first time in two years that I checked if any comments were written under my stuff and you just posted.

    Guessing you got passed my typo:

    Just when she’s winning that once more to lose

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