Scream Resistance

Sometimes you’re tired of standin’ alone
They point the finger
Sayin’ you’re the strong one

But you feel you need a heart to lean on
Look around the scene
If ya don’t smile…you’ll scream

Burnin’ out of
Time and luck
Walk the distance

Scream resistance
Scream resistance
Scream resistance

Published by Jule Carey

I grew up in New Jersey, living my whole life in the suburbs, 10 miles from New York City. When I was young, I found myself putting my thoughts into written words without even realizing it was poetry and verse. When a guitar was placed my hands, my songwriting began to unfold. I feel that personal expression through the written word has been and will always be a saving grace for me. I enjoy expressing my thoughts and emotions and I look to nature and to other artists' work for enlightenment.

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