A Tired Tone

I won’t pick up
Won’t hear the messages
Won’t read the signs left for my interpretation
Excused too much
Now I realized
Took it all from me
What left do I have to compromise
Lifted is the burden
Loosened is the confines
That left no room for undying love
I gave it
I found it
Thrown away
On deaf ears and black holes
Not again will
Reciprocation be denied
Leave it for someone who loves that ride
Blank-a-go round
Fill in the name or the explicit
I know it’s quite sudden
I know you had no idea
And you are so thoroughly you so…
Why would you?
But just know that
I loved you
And I loved you
And I lost you.
Then I found it
The reason
I left
In that order, so know that I tried
I tried
I tried

Published by Kevin J

I think I write to try to explain moments that I don't truly understand. That's why I have a tendency to be wordy. The closer I am to minimalism, the better off I am. I also do it to keep records of what I was thinking at certain periods of time, so some kind of footsteps are left showing me how I got here. Looking back, it seems inevitable that I am where I am now; couldn't have been anywhere else. I don't have any goals for the future, except for trying to enjoy it. I'm the opposite of most people I know; I no longer want to know what is coming up next. I just want to create the road and ride, or not create it and ride anyway.

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