Summer Carnival

Breathing life into life
The carnival invades a small town
Lighting up the sky from afar
Cheap thrills
Dirty folded dollar bills
Rides spin circles in the
Tattooed operators eye
Grinding wheels upon the axis
Merciless kewpie dolls
Shameless and tactless
All filling the night with odorous sound
Screams pleading stop-but keep on going
Bleeding lights born and aborted
Blink on and off
Leaving remnants in the wake
And kewpie dolls on dressers…

Published by Jule Carey

I grew up in New Jersey, living my whole life in the suburbs, 10 miles from New York City. When I was young, I found myself putting my thoughts into written words without even realizing it was poetry and verse. When a guitar was placed my hands, my songwriting began to unfold. I feel that personal expression through the written word has been and will always be a saving grace for me. I enjoy expressing my thoughts and emotions and I look to nature and to other artists' work for enlightenment.

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