Beauty, Can You Hear Me?

Ring around the
Rosary your,
Mother left you, Your
Mother left you, Or
Taken, more like it
Faking, you strike it
Or try to
This curveball that life threw
Swing and a miss
No time, to wish
That second chances consisted of more than distracted glances
Love preoccupied by all the other things you have to deal with. In this life
Or out
And that’s the best of dreams
Nightmares turn out to be emulated by reality
So it hurts
To hear these voices telling me
When I just want to make it better, that I wasted my one opportunity
Cold and beautiful world
At least she rests, shh…
In peace…

I, still here
In this room, in this house
Home, no longer
Grown? No poem to,
Teach me the ways of saving face when it all falls down
So I lay here, in this empty space
Longing for a moment that has figures and fixtures that cannot be erased…

I wish our destinations were switched
I wish that was enough consideration to stop the pain
But it’s not
Cold and beautiful world
I mirror every one of your circumstances
But with my numbness in feeling,
Reverberating daily
Every minute,
Skipping very few seconds
I hope that there,
Up there
You can’t reciprocate 

I miss you

Published by Kevin J

I think I write to try to explain moments that I don't truly understand. That's why I have a tendency to be wordy. The closer I am to minimalism, the better off I am. I also do it to keep records of what I was thinking at certain periods of time, so some kind of footsteps are left showing me how I got here. Looking back, it seems inevitable that I am where I am now; couldn't have been anywhere else. I don't have any goals for the future, except for trying to enjoy it. I'm the opposite of most people I know; I no longer want to know what is coming up next. I just want to create the road and ride, or not create it and ride anyway.

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