Playz Circle – Supply and Demand


Playz Circle also known in the streets as the Duffle Bag boys is currently signed to Disturbing The Peace (DTP) Records in association with Def Jam Records with distribution through Def Jam. Playz Circle is comprised of rappers “Tity Boi” and “Dollar”, they clam on song two “#1 Trap Pick” that streets certified them and it was not their intention to drop and album this year. Truth is “ Duffle Bag Boy” featuring Lil Wayne was one of the hottest “Singles” to drop in 2007. Duffle Bag Boy was hot because of production by M-16 and Lil Wayne on the hook and Verse. Let keep it movin’, song number five “Paper Chaser” has good production, nice piano sample and vocals by “Phonte of Little Brother”. Song number six and eight “We Workin” and “Paint Still Wet” are good because of the low hitting bass for those of us with a couple gorillas in the trunk. Playz Circle claims to have been around for years…Where were they? They should have stayed underground… But if they released the “Supply and Demand” album strictly for the money… I understand get ya hustle on. Go Buy the Single or Buy the whole “Playz Circle Supply and Demand” at you own risk.

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