Residual menthol

Residual menthol.
Tastes like you
When I sip your drink.
So sensual.
How is it that the rum in this Bloody Mary
Tastes like you?
As he bangs his strings
And he fondles his keys.
She slaps her thigh
As she teases her mike.
Like your cocaine
I am ready to explode.
As these forces collide.
This satin against my skin.
Satin like your skin.
I am in another realm.
Her voice smooth like velvet.
She sings ā€œIā€™m saving my love for you.ā€
This music begs for romance.

Published by sonya

Sonya is an amateur artist of many media. She lives in Portland, OR and is exploring energy-healing modalities, yoga, fiber art, singing, and learning about protecting the watershed of the Pacific Northwest. She writes, dances, cooks, cleans, and helps wherever she can. She is a student of life, always seeking to learn and travel.

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