The Show

We were so good tonight.
We had to prove it.
Prove that we could keep it in check.
And we did.
We put on a good show.
Each of us knowing…
What the other was thinking.
Begging each other not to go there.
Begging each other to take it there.
Begging each other to feel the love.
But hold it back.
Feel it but hold it back.
Please be strong for me.
Please draw the line in the sand.
You know tomorrow night it will be the same.
I will beg you to drink some more.
You will beg me to keep that look to myself.
But there is nothing more to prove.
I asked you why it’s not enough.
You said “It’s more than enough.”
And I believe you, so there’s nothing more to prove.
This is more than enough, I know that.
There is no need to dance this dance.
But we love the lie.
We love the costume and the makeup, the lighting, the music.
We love the control.
It feels that much better when the lights go down.
And control is lost.
Strip me down.
Take me My Love.
Fight to f*ck me.
Fight not to f*ck me.
Fight to feel it.
But hold it back.
The show goes on.

Published by sonya

Sonya is an amateur artist of many media. She lives in Portland, OR and is exploring energy-healing modalities, yoga, fiber art, singing, and learning about protecting the watershed of the Pacific Northwest. She writes, dances, cooks, cleans, and helps wherever she can. She is a student of life, always seeking to learn and travel.

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