I must confess, I love you more than you’ll ever understand
love you unconditionally even though only HALF of you is my man
love you unconditionally even though you flirt yet consider it cool
love you unconditionally–wait, damn I’m a fool!
damn, where have I gone? my self worth slowly fades
allowed the sweet words of a partial boyfriend to steer me away
what about my happiness? don’t I deserve more than a crumb of the cake you’ve eaten so slowly?
or am I really just a victim of self inflicted pain that preys on the fear of being lonely
karma! my pain wont last forever but its effects will haunt you
trying to find the strength and guidance to choose
so many men come yet I remain loyal, as deserving as I am
let me hold up a mirror, do you really see yourself as my man?

Published by nyte

Born onto an African family, Nyte, a Harlem girl, has grown up all too fast and has had to be the mother, sister, and daughter of an abrupt household. Allowing both her pain and joy to leak through written word, she finds great relief in this mental and emotional form ventilation. "I'm not looking for credit or applause, I'm simply looking to get acknowledged for once. I'm tired of being held last and being brushed aside because I was too afraid to speak up. I just want to be heard, seen, listened to, understood, acknowledged because I do exist."

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