Cowboy Hats


Today was a beautiful day 61 degrees with a slight breeze. So i figured I would go and play a little early morning basketball to clear my mind. After basketball I’m feeling good right… I get into my neighborhood and hear someone playing some loud music in their car with a whole bunch of bass. Wow, I don’t hear much of that on this side of town. So as i take a closer look the guy has on a cowboy hat, brown leather boots, a big ass belt buckle, and some tight Wranglers. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with his attire however i just expected someone with some hip-hop gear on since the choice of his music was Lil Wayne “So Paid”. Lil Wayne’s appeal is apparently crossing over, or shall we call it alternative hip-hop? We should all take this opportunity to embrace multiple genres of music. I’ve learned my lesson, “Cowboy Hats” and tight jeans are no longer exclusively associated with Country Music.

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