Oh mighty men, how can you boast?
After the many ways we trampled your gross!
Oh, how can you even asked what we can boast?
For our ways was refined from other mighty men woes!
And its assured that we will trample again
Your wrong gross from the start to its times’ end.
Yet, We can’t say it is of our mighty nor our boast.
Yet feel assured we will tread ’til the end of this toll.
For a price that trifle our bigger boast!

This is our bargain with a clear defining toll!
Or your words present passages will be the host only boast.
It is our’s who have yet to stray from trampling the discerning most.
For it is in those high places where the mighty do boast.

Tempt the temperance?
By and with a difference?

Heavily weighted by men claiming mighty with a thought or a quote?
Remade our dues by these cares are why we chosen no boast.
And lest you didn’t hear our trample strike twice within this toast.

Loudness afar and silent near within our hearts of hosts.
Such gross you wantonly covet from our shared airs as we be
This is why we claim them and you our gross.
So, lest you failed to late our passing then tis you are these true gross.

Such a hindrance as yours as you are as a begotten woes’ claim,
Such snares for your apathic misappropiations and tortfuls to shame!
Yet for our trust it’s to your ends with an honorable tread while you boast!
And then yours will be a boast as you alone as the only gross.
While we timed dash and trample your astray gross again with no vain nor vain boast.

(Excerpts from A Magic, The Gathering Series, Draft I’m Composing Titled, Desperate Ploys. Written By Geo. E. Burks; Based On The Publication Series; Magic, The Gathering, Licensed by Wizards Of The Coast Publishing. VA. USA.)

Published by Geo. E. Burks

I am Cultural Behaviorist translated in the psychology business as either a communicator or a sports car, yet Cultural Behavior is of the Psycho-Linguistic discipline from the school of Communcation and Humanties both relating to the translations of languages and symbolic objects or symbolic characters concieved by the artist or a society. The emphasis in this description of my study is on concieved by instead of noting the participating works' symbols, images, characters and signs as produced by because the matter of the origin of any symbols or images indicate the development of a formalized natural influence. I'm a strict subscriptive patterns researcher [detecting the influencing factors] instead of looking for the artist's or society's prescribing patterns [like trends, fashion...] with the objects under examination. Like most people who are schooled in Arts and Letters or Humanities I'd either write, exercise or meditate as a time-consuming fill-in during times of idleness and with all my writings I find the ideal of hiding my developed perspective as dishonest and self-defeating.

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