a war of words & emotions erupts each night,
a war leaving one doomed to stress and the other doomed to repeat his steps to the next fight,
a war fought by two adults with no results besides more air to fill the gap,
a pool of thoughts pours into my brain, the weight causes my backbone to crack,
one equips herself with an arsenal of patience,
the other injects himself with sedations of intoxication,
pushed to the edge, she searches for an end to the story,
those who’ve skipped through the pages quickly amplify their endless opinions inventory,
elevating the molecules that linger below the surface,
dismissing his own faults, he curses with no clear purpose,
searching for an escape from this cycle of madness,
searching for a detour from an endless road of sadness.

Published by nyte

Born onto an African family, Nyte, a Harlem girl, has grown up all too fast and has had to be the mother, sister, and daughter of an abrupt household. Allowing both her pain and joy to leak through written word, she finds great relief in this mental and emotional form ventilation. "I'm not looking for credit or applause, I'm simply looking to get acknowledged for once. I'm tired of being held last and being brushed aside because I was too afraid to speak up. I just want to be heard, seen, listened to, understood, acknowledged because I do exist."

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