To My Truth

I stare at the empty page and the blinking cursor
and question
Is this the symbol of my life?
Feelings bubble up inside of me
like water boiling in a tea kettle
like the steam that shoots out of the spout
and evaporates to nothing
I can form no words or thoughts
This is pain
This is frustration
This is disappointment in myself

I question
Am I afraid of my own truth?
if I face my truth will I be able to take it
not crumble under it’s weight?

I sit in front of this page now not so empty
with some words
With bald desire to open my truth
With shaking courage
I start….

Copyright Catherine Anne Hayes © 2009

Published by catherine anne hayes

Hello....I am a woman who loves life. I am an actress/singer who a few years ago discovered a passion for writing poetry and short stories. I enjoy being in the moment while preparing for the future. I love to explore my horizons.

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