To my Lord to my King

To my Lord; To my King;
As I went to sleep yester night
a calm sleep to me you gave.
With Dreams and Visions to me you spoke.

Before the sun could shine on the surface of the earth
me you woke so I may contemplate and admire the mightiness of works!

Jehovah! Jehovah! Jehovah!

Oh my! There is none like thee whom deserves the praise and worship.

May your name be exalted and praise forever more
as I take may daily steps, as I breathe the air that you?ve made available to me
I love you Lord, I love you
my King, my creator, my one and only, my rock, my fortress

Published by MALACHI Publications

Blaise Tshibwabwa is the former founder of Smooth Vibe. As of March 2009 he closed shop and now works for and with Malachi Publications. With the revelation of Malachi 3 vs 1 Blessings

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