Stars versus Hearts

I want all those stars, all those stars before I go.
You only get one life, you know.
That’s what makes that ambition burn hotter
Come to think of it, the sun in my pocket wouldn’t be that bad.
But to cool it off, that pocket…the moon would be a Sight
for sore eyes as you jammed it in the other pocket
When the glare died down and your vision cleared
You’d realize after the sun and the moon and some stars you would never
Be able to get them all in one lifetime.
Could you come back another day when yours was through
Or would you have to start your catch anew?
But the hearts you caught, unlike the stars stay with you, but
Lose their glow as time goes on way before your day is done.
I never heard of a star going out before a lifetime did, not a single one
Stars are the preferred “catch and keep”
Guaranteed to shine with a glare that dazzles, never hurts

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