All Thin Air

Turned out in the street are the dreams
That could do more washing dishes
For minimum wage. No more washing windows
Or panhandling.
The stories got too tiring, too much
Energy to be that convincing for hours on end
The dreams trick sometimes.

Close your eyes, see the dream. Open one’s eyes and your mind goes to sleep. A wall goes over
The place where it was so easy,
So easy to walk through: now it’ll take more than what you’ve got to make a new way.
A pretty trick that can be.

Opening up mind and eyes at once to step through. Whole. What dream is worth an arm, or a leg lost if you’re too slow getting through?
A long slow kiss, se lovemaking and a goodbye anecdote dreams away.
What do becomes a dream. What you have becomes.

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  1. Ode says:

    Hey, Roxy:

    Thank you – curious as to the impossible you’re speaking of. Enlighten me, if you please!



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