So it’s tempting for me to deal
When I can really think about is putting
a rush on the thoughts that put the money where the mouth is.
Honey, at the end of the day comes from imagination.
How much meaning can a summer have?
One kiss, a glance that was all it took and from there we never met eyes again.
The breeze fades,
light ruffle on a shirt sleeve,
a staccato pace when the rain followed…my champion anyway.
The way he said you oh-so-slowly pulled down your cotton underwear like you didn’t want to, but all you had to give came after and fast – a collaboration that needed no editing. Satisfied,
I walk away. I was right about you.
Why am I so stubborn in the night halls of my former flame dreams? You cared for that split second. I killed the clock and forever lost count.

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