My Dreams

My Dreams

I will not give up my dreams
They are part of me
and keep me going when
everything is so difficult
and I feel overwhelmed
and exhausted
My dreams are my life blood
the reason to keep on living
to keep on hoping
to keep on working
to make things better
improve my life
I have taken chances
I have taken risks
I have never chosen
the easy comfortable path
and will continue to do so
because it is possible for my dreams
to come true
I had made old dreams come true
in my past
and somehow
my new dreams will come to fruition
The road is not easy
It is much harder
but it is worth it
My dreams are worth it
I am worth it

© 10 February 2012 Catherine Anne Hayes

Published by catherine anne hayes

Hello....I am a woman who loves life. I am an actress/singer who a few years ago discovered a passion for writing poetry and short stories. I enjoy being in the moment while preparing for the future. I love to explore my horizons.

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