Don’t Ask

Don’t ask me what’s wrong
I’ll always tell you nothing
Don’t ask me what I’ve seen
Don’t ask where I have been.
Don’t take it the wrong way
Don’t think I am mean
but I’m full of pain
and it’s running all through me.

It’s makin’ me crazy
It’s makin’ me cold
I get so unnerved
and I am feeling so old.
Don’t take this the wrong way
I am still young in age
but my life’s been so wrong
I am so full of rage.

Sometimes I can look back
and see what I have done
but I still see so much
where I wasn’t the one.
Don’t take this the wrong way
I am responsible
but I can’t control
actions of other people.

I know where I’m going
I know where I’ve been
and I know there’s now way
I’ll choose that way again.
don’t take that the wrong way
my life’s not my own
but I know I’m loved
and I Know I am at home.

Love is within me
it’s what gives me life
it’s the reason I’m breathing
it’s how my darkness is light.

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