On Being

To get up every day with a purpose
is a joy. To go out in the world,
see clearly, be where you are.

A sage from long ago said:
“when hungry I eat. When tired
I sleep.” And, I write to see
where it goes, to go where it leads.

What is there to see?
What do I see that is not there?

What speaks as I write
of what was not there only
a moment ago?

The thought thinks the speaker.
It wafts out to hold its place
where the echoes of choices not made
play their harmony in the background.

We are a chorus of song.
We are all waiting to learn our part
in the great orchestra of being.

The conductor waits for your attention.

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William Cowan

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  1. catherine anne hayes says:

    Lovely….very well said…



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