I Watch

I watch you move about
I know you are aware of me
Like I am aware of you.
The air sweetly fragrant
With the scent of sex
Thinly veiled by flowers
And candles.
I breathe it in and deeply
It warms me..
Fills me.
Flesh reacts.
You pretend to not notice..
But I see you do.
You reaction evident.
You want it too.
Don’t you.
Want it to happen.
Waiting for my signal..
My eyes beckon..
My parted lips invite.
You see.
You come closer.
You take..

Copyright Catherine Anne Hayes © 2006

I Await You

Late afternoon
a chill in the air
which shimmers with tiny moist prisms
catching the late pale sun…
The window is open
a slight breeze parts the curtains a little
allowing a tiny bit of light to stream into the dimness..
I await you…
in my bed
on soft cotton sheets
leaning against fluffed pillows
covered by a fine woven blanket
which waits to be lifted off
my unclad body
which craves your invasion…
I await you.
Open my door and step inside…
remove your clothes
join with me in my bed
open me up
bury yourself in me
your lips against mine
your breath my breath
pulse against pulse…
heat matching heat…
come to me…
I await you…

Copyright Catherine Anne Hayes © 2007

To Be In Moonlight

Warm steamy day moves into evening.
The sun takes it’s final bow as
One by one the stars comeout
twinkling like little fairy lights.
I stand here outside catching
what little breeze there is…
suddenly a cloud drifts by and reveals the moon…
its pearl like glow washing over everything into a
silver white
shimmer like the richest nacre.
Sigh…I love the moonlight…its
softness…turning everything
to spun silver…even my body…I have let my
nightdress drift
to my knees…down to pool at my feet…
lifting my arms to invite the moon to embrace
me…caress me..
become one with me…
A nightingale sings its nightly song of
seduction….the owls hoots…
the crickets add in their rythmns…
I listen and smile.
I step out of the pool my nightdress has made and
begin with hips to sway in tune with the music of
the night…dance with the moon…sing my song…..
Can you hear me on the night wind my love? My own
melodies swirling around you…beckoning you to join
me in my song…which will be our song…
Can you see me…feel me dancing around you in the
moonlight…my body almost as silver white as the
moon…my eyes sparkling like the stars? I would
your moon that would spin around your
in your orbit…
So my love I will kiss you with this magical
moonlight.. ….to wish you sweet dreams till our
souls can meet and be as one….

Copyright Catherine Anne Hayes © 2005


Shades drawn….little filters of light making their
way in between the slots…dust motes dancing
in the light…the sweet, lulling sound of a
nocturne fills the room…
I sit here leaning against the pillows…my
head resting against the board…I pick up the
rose and sniff it’s lush
fragrance… then stroke my cheek and
sigh…a sigh of pure contentment…I
turn to look…I place my hand with the rose in
the space that you had just occupied not ten minutes
ago…still warm from your body’s
heat…I turn my face to the pillow still
fragrant with your scent…the scent that
lingers on my skin…I breath in…I
smile the age old smile of woman sated, fulfilled
by her lovers touch…I move into your space
to get a more intimate connection…my body
stretches and opens in invitation as if you were still
here…a rush of sensation bolts through me as I
recall your welcomed invasion of my body……your
fingers working their magic in my core to allow
entrance with ease…your lips trailing feathery
kisses on my neck, my cheeks and then my mouth which
opens to accept your honeyed plunder.
My angel…return to me…come back into my
arms…back into our world that we have
created just for you and I alone…steal with
me a few more moments of treasured bliss before we
have to part till God knows when…

Copyright Catherine Anne Hayes © 2005

I Feel You

I Feel You

When I hug you, you know what I feel?
I feel your heart.
I feel your body.
I feel the blood pulsing through your veins.
I feel the fact that you are a living, breathing human being.

When I see you, I feel you.

When I touch you, you know what I feel?
I feel your spirit.
I feel your soul.
I feel your pain, your sadness and your suffering.
I feel the fact that you are a living, breathing human being.

When I see you, I feel you.

When I love you, you know what I feel?
I feel your happiness, your passion, and your peace.
I feel your ups and downs.
I feel your grace and your style.
I feel the fact that your are a living, breathing human being.

When I see you, I feel you.

“I Feel You”, copyright Jessica Reynolds, 2007?

An Adventure

On one solemn Hollow’s Eve,
We both did ride the train
All the way to Williamsburg
Sheltered from the rain.

I was naked under my coat,
You had green upon your face,
Above ground it was so cold,
We had to run a little race.

Down the block and up the stairs,
Through the door we ran,
I had your hand in mine,
You said I was your man.

Right then I felt warm,
Starting to get real hot,
Your loving me was sweet,
It really hit the spot.

But then the party gasped,
The mood of the room grew bleaker,
As a bulge appeared under my coat
Exposing me to them: a streaker.

I protested and they threw us out,
We fled down the steel stairs to the train,
Things were wet and we were drunk,
I slipped on the puddles of rain.

You held me up though I was gross,
I leaned on you a bit,
My buttons were all opened,
They saw me through the slit.

So the cop came over
And hit me on the head,
You cried and tried to help me,
As to the jail I was lead.

Behind bars I cried,
I gnashed my teeth and wailed,
Afraid that the large man might
Come behind me and I would be impaled.

You paid the fee, and I was free,
They released us into the night,
I was naked and you were green,
We both were quite a sight.