She sees a road & the dog death comes;
Love at school and some have tried.
A rare breed and the atom bomb.
A blue tree and the night is long.
Or not, the divided ice-cream bed –
Summers un-forgotten; a rocket to the stars.
Plebes in the grid. Before the empires bled.
Us, and the walls, and where we go.
She sees herself in the Great Divide.
Atom bomb and a sense of pride.

Rush, summer streams, cars that smile;
Stuffed closets full; history, hate.
World’s forests and highways of death.
Sounds numbing the purple towns’ regrets.
Zephyrs of wasted time. A crumpled vow.
Perpetuity’s vibration becoming Now.
Insanity. Mortal looks, breathtaking tapestry.
Unfettered commerce, animal wails.
Love “back there”, “in here”, future swarms.
He’d die for anyone, but would not say:
“A sickle for your wrinkled eyes.”


Blood of the holy virgin; nape of her untouched neck;
Slaves, holidays, revolts, marketplaces.
The gentle stream of her stare; meaning bleeding out, too.
“That empire never ended”; those days I walked with you.
A golden irony orbiting my heart as the talking screen
Walks me through history; As a tapestry of passions squawks
through my radar in the hideous night; and again, on these
Spectral trails, where a jackrabbit’s heart has more true
Industry than this entire nation – I speak to the departed
and perfect my soliloquy. A ranger of deathless flights
of seeming, and this nation which I’ve too long romanced,
I fix my soul’s eyes now upon a future spent abroad,
recalling warily a time when I, under a heavy spell,
Loved her beating heart.

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Once upon a time not too long ago
A servant my age was given some seeds to sow
He did all he could; he tried his best
He always had a feeling he would; turn out better that the rest
He was right in a way, but had a lot to learn
He was humbled one day, and had to wait his turn

He might not of wanted to wait
But he accepted his fate

Over time, strength and knowledge increased steady
He knew his time would come, and when it did he’d be ready
He proclaimed his faith through his word and his pen
But few wish to listen to unschooled young men
Discourage him; tie him in a knot
This just encouraged him, for his soul burned hot
Books became best friends; all he needed was time
Observed looks through his lens, the strongest of minds

No stranger to scripture, he turned his life over to the Lord
Walks head high in battle, but he carries no sword
You may ask how can he overcome, something of this magnitude
A good guy for sure, but one Bad Dude!
Ask many questions he’ll tell you no lies
Love, Faith, and Wisdom, the weapons of the Wise
Many had doubts; some called him a bum
Built a temple in his heart, there lied the Kingdom

Finally the time had come, he was ready to go
Never one to be dumb, he took his time, started slow
In a short time, he became skilled in his speech
They loved his lines, and he loved to teach
He sought out their minds, and taught their hearts to reach
Oh what a joy of mine, to hear this man preach

Because of him their dreams became near
Never before had they dreamed without fear
He taught the simple truths, no longer in school
Love your creator, not what is cool
Have faith in yourself, live what you know is right
Remove the ego and behold the light

Knowledge is Power; Wisdom is Peace
But Love is King!
So until your final hour, remember this please,
Love and Faith can accomplish anything!

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