Author: kaiulanihill

  • What I Learned Watching For The Love of Ray J Season 2

    Ironically, I did pick up some pointers from this “hit” reality show. Obviously, the kid wasn’t/isn’t looking for the love of his life…he’s a young cat that enjoys fame. So any woman that auditioned and really truly thought it would be more is a tad bit touched. But here are some things I did learn: […]

  • Eric Roberson – Music Fan FIrst

    QUICK! If you aren’t familiar with Eric Roberson, I am sure you are familiar with tunes he has penned such as Musiq’s hit song “Previous Cats” or Dwele’s “Hold On”. He has worked with Soul greats such as Jill Scott and Lalah Hathaway. On his latest release, Music Fan First, he continues on the path […]