Author: L Amos Sanchez


    The heart our heart is beating a hollow drum flittering filled with empty Daimler Dreams the heart changes in all things king of the hill stumbles dandruff on the shoulder of your Armani jacket in this land of lowered pulse… but the food is good (says Winthrop) and the boys are doing fine…just fine the […]

  • upon arriving at the bingo hall on a Tuesday evening in Nowhere

    “Sheeit”, she says to me, “you better give me a muthafuckin winner tonight, or I’ll take ya’ outside, y’hear? Take ya out to the lot and shank you with a Swiss Army Knife–put a little hole in your kidney, yo, cuz’ I NEED that money, dawg, you know? I NEED that muthafuckin money”…And I do […]