Author: Robert Gibbons

  • Poetry Anthology

    a junk man whirligig all packaged in black carpetbagger moveable type suitcase from Mardi Gras to coup de tat fat Tuesday colored beads crucified neck his flower power hair tête-à-tête the lady standing reading Bukowski knew his archetype a legend a mystery tarnished silver gargoyles enlarged ring finger boneskullery signs of the cross continue to […]

  • A wound in time (for Stephanie Wilson)

    the ride to the coast was a treat like being offered a reward for good behavior but we had to come back like a segregated recluse to the center of the sugar patch we did not know that exclusion had been forced its policy implemented on the sides of our school buses divided like main […]

  • a barbershop on flatbush

    it was if I had walked into a coup d’état a tribe of elders a cri de coeur old men sabotaged by blue baseball caps money green windbreakers thick creole accents old men eyes welling up with distrust checkerboard fingertips developed lips disapora line running across their forehead libations are given for the earthquake dead […]