Author: Shon Lomax

  • homeless

    fell from cushioned sheets to a bed of cement pillow too hard to fluff my room now smells of trash urine is the new disinfectant the maid’s been wearing the same ugly dress the butler has soiled himself yet again dinner’s now being served at your nearest trash bin

  • 3

    i stand naked before you fully clothed shivering and it’s not even cold in here if only you knew my thoughts the unheard speeches that curl the ends of my mouth telling me i had something to say then drawing a complete blank at one glance in your direction enough said

  • 2

    thorned sides sweeping gazes cow fields Jesus crossed dandelion winds muddy streams purposeful life Luray Caverns

  • untitled

    i no longer cling to branches where there is no tree standing ankles wrapped in roots sprouting from hard soil no smell of rain today in air to thin to breathe go forward still there is no promise of light bother not with the shadows cast by feet moving too slow winter come soon

  • prom

    where do lovers go when there is no longer a lane drive-thru affections from someone only able to promise burger and fries but no shake a side view window of time wasted with someone unable to see over the steering wheel no need to check the rear i’m fine sitting here content with your one…