Author: Rolando Rosario

  • Thought of the Day

    Love is blind. No Color. No Race. No Religion.

  • Thought of the Day

    It seems as all my hours are spent, just trying to pay my rent. Working at a pennies wage, can put your mind in rage. When all your cash is hashed, for a roof that’s dent and smashed. You at some point have to ask, is it even worth it?.

  • An I Nation

    One ’s self is what matters most, a rule with no exception. And this generation here has gone far with that perception. This is an I nation you can hear it in their songs. It is established in their demeanor with no intent on being wrong. I have this, I have that, I am this, […]


    I miss my city. The huge man made marvels that make up the landscape. The insomnia that can never be cured. The cracks, the crevices, the slums and the heights. The underground stream where people unite. For one goal, to individually get where they must go. I miss the option of stairs or elevator. And […]

  • Dreams & Wishes

    I no longer spend my days awake hammering at keyboard keys. I may have given up on my simpler dreams, of being the one thing that I dreamed. I seldom lay awake at night and think of what I use to be. The kid with many little means, who never gave up on his dreams. […]

  • Thought of The Day

    Never give up on yourself. Even if your dropped by everyone else.

  • Complications of Love

    Leave me to my own advances, The disenchantment of failed romances. I felt her thoughts, I felt the passion. But friends and lovers are out of fashion. Feelings are a thing for masking. You hold those questions you feel like asking. You wish there was an easier way, To say the things you want to […]

  • Daughter Of The Fallen

    Fathers drinking in the Kitchen, And mothers crying in the living room. I am constantly praying, Hoping death comes and takes them soon. Life holds nothing new for them, They fight the same bout everyday. Mother acts oblivious. And father drinks the pain away. I find myself feeling betrayed. Is this the way a child’s […]

  • Thought of The Day

    Never say never And never use forever. Those are the words of the wise. But what words do you use when you know love will not die? What words can you use to express something that will stand the test of time? What metaphor or folklore can express a love that’s strong? And what line […]

  • Writers Block

    My mind is blank, My eyes are faint, And the words still yet to come. I wait, I wonder, My mines a blunder, And the words still yet to come. I Sit, I Sigh, I watch the day slip by, And the words still yet to come. I drink, I sleep, I wake up to […]