Author: William Cowan

  • In Meditation

    The extremities pass & we coax the truth into repeating the lesson left on a vacant shore. Outside has become the new inside, as the handhelds take the mind away. What has me here so still, the one word to hold so long? Not on a road of sentences will it will me a greater […]

  • hidden drama

    the transgressions though minor are multiplying and are stacked in the closet out of sight they form an obelisk of pure desire to be chipped away slowly until they form something beautiful and permanently rewarding to the eye and the faint of heart

  • here we go

    the caterpillar crossed the great road it took days seeming only a blip on a journey without purpose the caterpillar & the cars were oblivious of each other only the warmth mattered the ease of movement fulfilled what passed in this world as intent

  • Starting Out

    The evanescent clouds glide by as dusk opens the vast starry heavens to exposure, a rubric to a forever manuscript dancing to an unheard melody. The ticking of time is but an artifice man created. No one alive will see it cease as transmogrifying transition envelopes the seer. The birds fall slowly hypnotized by the […]

  • brushing

    am I brushing my teeth or thinking about brushing my teeth? I don’t remember brushing my teeth I was elsewhere thinking & going thru the physical rote of not being where you are though you are not here I recall the strenuous togetherness & the thick white foam running down

  • Sausalito

    Wasps, tambourines, & jugglers filled the fair. Tugging at your sleeves the crowd ebbed & flowed around the water’s edge in all its twilight rippling calm. If speech were in disarray & piecemeal in its distribution, it played amongst the birds, music & drifting thoughts devoid of all purpose but to be in communion with […]

  • Canadians

    They’re so polite. Hiding in reserve I’m sure of nothing about their true feelings toward us. Covered in resolve to see all their families whole, even the Frenchified & that British oriented lot that hail the Queen. The beer is sublime, & taxes prime the coverage of all in medical care, so there.  I love […]

  • Old Quebec

    We occupy the time it takes to discover how to live a life: confinement, searches, empty boxes, trails, fresh fruit, the gift you riff on, and on while something closes way too soon, the deck tilts, missing cards. Then coming up for air in an ancient city, cobblestones shining in light rain refreshes the palate. […]

  • In the Garden of Dreams

    I do not know how to argue in this language with traction that grasps at straws as the clouds race by. The summer peppers are late for lack of heat. The closing shadows slow all growth. We plant a thought to bring forth a story nurtured by the spring of ongoing lust. How to take […]

  • Geology

    The mind is wider than the eye can see. All angles resolve in prisms in the future glen of composite restlessness. Parts that issue forth for the taste buds to separate color from sound form a whole. All comes together, trollop, beggar & prince in serendipity’s party of aspirations. Once you realize the pattern sticks […]