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  • Rites of the Holy Non-Sequitur

    I She sees a road & the dog death comes; Love at school and some have tried. A rare breed and the atom bomb. A blue tree and the night is long. Or not, the divided ice-cream bed – Summers un-forgotten; a rocket to the stars. Plebes in the grid. Before the empires bled. Us, […]

  • Respecting Oneself Is Far From Narcissism

    I say to no one in general nor directly, I love myself; then a thought occurred, “Am I boasting?” So, I asked another, “Hey, Am I boasting when I proclaimed “I love myself?” He looked at me as to sized me up and ask me, “what you think?” I answered, “that why I asking you. […]


    That old concern as defintive verb. Hasnt lost any luster in any era by an occur. Power politics within p√©rsonalized compromises. An empty courage in the realistic eyes. A signalized threat as our natural sorceries Most religious are spurn for this nature’s inconvience. Yet some does realized their own vanity under this mortality’s summarized. With […]

  • Untitled (so far.)

    Untitled (so far.) by Geo E. Burks Was that her I was thinking of. Why should not I think of her? She cared for that role, The one in her life I was. But she couldnt had me, And I was contented as that. Not as my pride nor my failure. I loved her as […]

  • Thank You For Letting Us Know We Aren’t Alone Feeling.

    (To Those Of The American Music Association Who Are Always There Thoughout My Life With What I Really Need. Please, Allow This Poise From My Pure Essential Life’s As Being Convey Why I Had Always Appreciating What You Do.) Thank You For Letting Us Know We Aren’t Alone Feeling. Purity By Geo. E. Burks You, […]

  • My Friend Bill

    I let him mourn too long, It was my mistake, I thought I would be generous, Understanding, forgiving, Be not letting him forget so easily. They all told him To move on and find another I felt I was the only one Who understood, That there would be no other Like her, for him. So […]