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  • Improvi-satori

    Growl in hunger lines where music pierces softly and where Icarian troubadours are their own sirens Drowning themselves in romantic ends strangely that stab and stare in the dark, in a dark age that somehow know where its soul must land The insanity of imagining it all! & all day the cells Bristle, mortality shrugs […]

  • L’Usurper de l’Amour

    She was prone to moonwrath; She was coming to goldenness; It was an outblown image of potential – Forever was smiling and playing with her hair. Catullus was laughing bitterly, And butterflies opened like hearts, The slaves all walked to the sea, now dark, But she…she was prone to moonwrath, Unleashed upon tides, economies, minds, […]

  • Rites of the Holy Non-Sequitur

    I She sees a road & the dog death comes; Love at school and some have tried. A rare breed and the atom bomb. A blue tree and the night is long. Or not, the divided ice-cream bed – Summers un-forgotten; a rocket to the stars. Plebes in the grid. Before the empires bled. Us, […]

  • Love & Chaos, Canto I

    How can the sun shine so, and freeze us still? In my body there’s an unearthly chill & I think of a woman and wonder why gargantuan love must dwell alone… Why the pink-bloomed tree is never touched once by hands alike, & then I think each cloud, each tree, each soul must go on […]

  • Respecting Oneself Is Far From Narcissism

    I say to no one in general nor directly, I love myself; then a thought occurred, “Am I boasting?” So, I asked another, “Hey, Am I boasting when I proclaimed “I love myself?” He looked at me as to sized me up and ask me, “what you think?” I answered, “that why I asking you. […]


    That old concern as defintive verb. Hasnt lost any luster in any era by an occur. Power politics within pérsonalized compromises. An empty courage in the realistic eyes. A signalized threat as our natural sorceries Most religious are spurn for this nature’s inconvience. Yet some does realized their own vanity under this mortality’s summarized. With […]

  • Untitled (so far.)

    Untitled (so far.) by Geo E. Burks Was that her I was thinking of. Why should not I think of her? She cared for that role, The one in her life I was. But she couldnt had me, And I was contented as that. Not as my pride nor my failure. I loved her as […]

  • Thank You For Letting Us Know We Aren’t Alone Feeling.

    (To Those Of The American Music Association Who Are Always There Thoughout My Life With What I Really Need. Please, Allow This Poise From My Pure Essential Life’s As Being Convey Why I Had Always Appreciating What You Do.) Thank You For Letting Us Know We Aren’t Alone Feeling. Purity By Geo. E. Burks You, […]

  • A Poet’s Prayer

    If these verses be not great, Let them be better Than all I have written before And all that anyone else is writing. Give me the strength to change All that cannot be mine Into my greatest inspiration, Let me find victory in my defeat, Words to cover up reality’s bad patches With all the […]

  • A History of Violence

    As you shake your head, He jumps across a stretcher In a bombed out home, Violence, Violence, Everything is violence Cries the teacher. Armies come and go and wander in between Finding cities to sack Women to rape Children to enslave Blood to spill again and again When does it end you ask? He laughs, […]