Laguna Soulfire Coronations

Here’s a handful of Fire-echo starheart diadems – For ghost-framed, leaping Leviathans! Photonic Ophelia ossifying, sleeping, Guards my watchwell sweetly – But what kind of echo has this fire? When my starheart bursts with such vertiginous Desire? The self-framed soul sires this flame, leaping From untenable windows Into the unutterable boiler rooms of Time. The […]

L’Usurper de l’Amour

She was prone to moonwrath; She was coming to goldenness; It was an outblown image of potential – Forever was smiling and playing with her hair. Catullus was laughing bitterly, And butterflies opened like hearts, The slaves all walked to the sea, now dark, But she…she was prone to moonwrath, Unleashed upon tides, economies, minds, […]


She’s putting the pain in painter again, and it’s not just ice, but fire, too – & there are sperm sprouts in the mulch swamps, & there are hotbeds of uncertainty awash in mercenary wine; So watch a woman’s joy and strength in Music, and watch her transform, As your nights do you, and what […]