L’Amour Sanglante

I want to drown you in this blood

That spills hotly from me now;

I will baptize you in these sticky iron memories

Which have surged since my inception;

I will drown you in rich, scarlet blood

That in your lover once ran –

Dark rivers in his subterranean tunnels

Locked in fleshy circumstance,

As once he locked himself in you.


This blood that made the screaming man cry

In a room bereft of you, God well out of sight.

I recall, with the sickness I lunged

To the toilet and upward looked for him, to pray

But found only the mottled paint of a prosaic ceiling there.

Then in fits, I chortled, cringed, sang, sat and wailed,

Worshiping you who could so easily waste me, and

Leave me to the hungry zoo lions and parasites!

This blood that leaps and fountains up

And out now, out to stain the windows of love,

My love, once had, and not – no, never again.


You rivaled Delilah and Sheeba, Helen, Andromeda!

A flower every day for your finespun golden hair.

But now I leave this devil’s cesspit of a world,

Life a dead, atrophied cow, my golden world somewhere

Beyond these cares…

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