I wanted to be left feeling invisible because to remember would be unfeeling; compassionately socializing with the enemy shouldn’t deliberately weigh on my feelings. Why would my sanity truly depend on your survival; that can’t be. Why can’t the feelings of being down have its window shut; spilling to the ground. The explanation of when […]


If I could just get a glimpse to retain my self’s induced preservation; if only the brightness shone through, up and around my darkness, just to refresh in my conscience that hope shall be there; I’d rest helping, screaming. I can’t open up wide enough to hopefully express how my inward feels. It stopped being […]


Why are so many people needing to be UNEXCEPTABLE. Why do they reach out to me in such a forceful manner. Do I appear to relinquish my RIGHTS as an achiever in any given effort. Read me my MEMORIES and the answer will reach out and touch someone; any one. The remedies that reside within […]


Gently she watched as was laid another child’s soul, this scene replayed over in her nation’s mind. Her heavenly duty was to love all the kids that came from above to cuddle them in her arms to keep them safe from harms. On earth, her mothering, her job, which she tried to do with TLC;(Terribly […]