Gently she watched as was laid another child’s soul, this scene replayed over in her nation’s mind. Her heavenly duty was to love all the kids that came from above to cuddle them in her arms to keep them safe from harms. On earth, her mothering, her job, which she tried to do with TLC;(Terribly Lacking Concern), found her losing her kids in such a horrible, yet expectant way, a way her surroundings forgot to relay. Not able to go on without them she prayed good God would bring her wilted life to an end because there was no one else for her not to defend. God called her to judgment where He thought to place on her angelic wings, instead He placed on her the tears of her beloved babies so she could feel the lonely little lullabies and their simply sweet innocence that was to cling and forever hear their dying sting. What glorious job she didn’t do. What maternal disease with which she was infected. You must have listened to their cruel cries for you before hatred was injected. OOWEE!

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