this is the moment we are re-crowned endowed with the force of the dao now aligned with profound divine gateway sounds allowed it to flow through me elegantly seducing the goddess of life like rumi, using medicinal musical movements of potent parables zooming closer to the quenching of your deepest thirst Use me as you’d […]

upon arriving at the bingo hall on a Tuesday evening in Nowhere

“Sheeit”, she says to me, “you better give me a muthafuckin winner tonight, or I’ll take ya’ outside, y’hear? Take ya out to the lot and shank you with a Swiss Army Knife–put a little hole in your kidney, yo, cuz’ I NEED that money, dawg, you know? I NEED that muthafuckin money”…And I do […]

War Crimes

Their faces distorted, Masks contorted to fit the shrunken bones. The final humiliation to be so alone And trapped in a cell of arrogance. The senseless deaths occuring From bravely spurning questions Asked not from curiosity, But animosity. How did these doctors not bleed From their believed stigmata, Surely they bartered with the devil For […]