this is the moment we are



with the force of the dao

now aligned with profound

divine gateway sounds

allowed it to flow through me

elegantly seducing the goddess of life like rumi,

using medicinal musical movements of potent parables zooming

closer to the quenching of your deepest thirst Use me

as you’d like

a reflection of your own light

prophetic inter-connective true heart spirit of faith,

I recite this Fearless incentive blessing coming through surrender to grace

Were made in the heavens sent to activate your center, Enter the gates

Of liberation

remember the sacred

calling of all ancients

to bow to the infinite and re-create One Peace Nation.

Make a vow to be givin it your all with thy dedication

And release all that is not true love for all of creation

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  1. NICE! I write my spiritually based internal rhyme to music and this has been the first time in quite some time which I have met such depth in Poetic Rhyme. Very nicely created!

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