Another year lost causes you to reflect on the past. What could you have done to make this year a little better. What could you have done to make this year and past years a little more successful. The ending of a year is like the ending of a chapter. It is exciting in a perspective to see what the next chapter will bring, but it is unsettling when you think about all the chapters you have already passed and what their conclusions were.

Depression comes with a new year. You think about the time you wasted, the time you are wasting and it demolishes you. You become a little fixated on the past until you realize there is a future. There is still a chapter you have not written. There is still a fresh sheet of unmarked paper in front of you. The title reads 2011, but it is up to you to fill the rest of the pages. The question now is how will you feel in 2011. Will you once again look back in remorse before shrugging it off and moving ahead? Or will there be no need for remorse? Will the only thing on your mind be conquering the chapter ahead reading 2012 as you did 2011’s?

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