A Chivalrous Less World


Three nights ago the heavens rained upon us in New York city, taking breaks but not fully shutting off their showers until Saturday morning. In the mist of one of these storms while making my way home from work. I fell upon this young woman who unfortunately lacked an umbrella during the down fall. She walked past me, her jacket trenched and hood so out weighed with water it concealed her face. I called to her and offered to share my umbrella. She accepted but seemed shock at the offer. We continued to walk up the block together, chatting along the way until finally stopping in front of her building, she thanked me and said “ I thought chivalry was dead in the world” I replied to her with a smile “ No, it’s only on life support.” we both laughed and went our separate ways but my mind began to turn from the comment, seeing how it was not the first time that I have heard it.

The gears in my brain began to twist and the obvious came to me, chivalry really is dead or at least dieing in the world. To hold a door is to be courteous, to offer your jacket is to be chivalrous, to carry a bag, to offer a light, to assist a damsel in distress, well maybe distress is an intense word, but to offer your services as a gentlemen, acts like these have become too few in the world.

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