A Short Oath To Music

Sometimes the right song plays at the right moment with the right feeling taking over you. I am emotionally attached to music as I think we all are. For it is only a song that can express your emotions as no other art form can. It is only a song that people refer to as being exactly how they feel. And when the right song plays at the right moment it can be life changing.

Two hearts can fall in love, a soul that is lost can be found, strength, happiness, forgiveness, sadness, sex, and remorse can all be found in a song.  A thought or expression can be broadcasted to millions with the power of music. A companion for life’s everyday victories and defeats. Music is a melody full of memories with a harmonizing ability to help forget the bad notes.

A song can spark a nation, bring awareness, or simply mend a broken heart. Music truly has no limits no matter what genre, what format, what language or what level of listeners it has. It only takes one set of ears to be affected by one song. It only takes one artist making a connection with one listener for music to matter. Music is the beat of life. Everything has a sound, everything makes noise, everything makes music.

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