American Airlines – Flying Low Class

flying low class

You may be thinking low class hummm that’s an interesting title. When flying you may think that you purchased a “coach” ticket. But with American Airlines it should be considered “Low Class”.    It all started when I was checking my bags, can you believe it’s $15 for each bag?! So for two bags round trip that’s $60.00 in the hole!! I’m boarding the old school S80 airplane; of course passing by “First Class” thinking I’d like to have some elbow room too!

Ok now we take off with in a fully loaded underpowered plane. 15 minutes later I’m thinking ok “honey roasted peanut time” is coming, it should makeup for sitting in the “Low Class” section. But these days those lovely peanuts will cost ya $3 – $4 for a “Snack Pack”. And oh do you want a drink with that, how about some free water?

So I’m convinced that the old Coach is the new Low Class!!

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